A global network


We have been member of WACO – World Air Cargo Organisation since 2004. It is an organization consisting of independent companies that collaborate as a network



As a member of WACO we are able to offer you a full range of transportation and logistics solutions, door-to-door worldwide. The network consist of 111 members in 108 countries providing a network of more than 400 locations in 6 continents.



The network employing over 21,000 freight professionals, handling over 1.85 million shipments each year with over one million tones of airfreighted cargo. The network has a combined annual turnover of $4 billion, making The WACO System a major player in the global market.


WACO gives us access to international partners for complex logistics solutions along your entire supply chain for defined areas of your logistics – from the supplier to delivery to the customer, from reverse logistics to aftermarket support.


  • Quality Control

  • Cross docking and merge in transit

  • Value-added logistics

  • Storage

  • High end security

  • Pick & Pack /assembly

  • Fulfillment

  • RMA / Return shipments

A part of the WACO System

Norair are proud members of The WACO System. A global network with 111 members, in 108 countries, spread over 6 continents.  

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