Lady Gaga Project Case

When Lady Gaga and her World Tour crew visited Telenor Arena in Norway in December 2012 Norair played a major role in the logistics

Dec 5th 2012 – the day before the concert, three huge freighters landed at Oslo Airport with all the equipment to the world’s biggest stage built eve. Here some facts and scope of work, equipment, environment, and number of crew involved in this project:


  • 1 X 777F aircraft

  • 2 X 747F aircraft

  • 25 dedicated trucks

  • 116 pallets – 275 tons

  • Our crew: about 40 people

  • Outdoor tempeprature: 10 degrees below zero

Time Frame


It took only 9 hours from the first aircraft landed at Oslo Airport till ALL the equipment was delivered at the arena! Few hours before the show started, Lady Gaga said in a interview.. On questions from the journalist, why did you come two days before the concert, she answered:

“Well, I have to prepare. I will make my biggest concert ever and I would like to give the Norwegian people the show they deserve. We are building the biggest stage ever set up, and it takes a long time. It’s going to be a fantastic concert”

This comprehensive assignment is proof that no assignments are too big for us and our strong partners. Not yesterday’s news but still a good story and a strong achievement for a small local forwarder in Norway.

This was also the largest single shipment that has landed at Oslo Airport, ever!